The Three Ways to Start

Each student deserves a fully customized service. After a commitment of 8 lessons, the actor will receive a custom monologue catered to his or her talents, that can be used for a reel. Remember, all lessons are scheduled at your convenience, built around your schedule. Monologue writing services can be purchased ala cart via this site.

Pay As You Go

If you're looking to cram for a big audition or reel taping, this is for you. 

$60.00 for 60 min. lesson.

*$20.00 cancellation fee

Basic Bundle

This is a great way to dive into lessons, and save along the way.

$200.00 for 4 60 min lessons.

*no cancellation fees

Premiere Bundle

For busier students, those prepping for demo reel taping, tv/film auditions, & college auditions, or a dedicated actor looking to put in the work. (It's fun work, I promise)

$380.00 for 8 60 min lessons

*no cancellation fees